Jan Ware is a designer specializing in interior, exterior, furniture and architectural designs. After helping family and friends with their design needs for over 10 years under the tutelage of experienced and talented designers, Jan followed her passion and started Jan Ware Designs in 2009.

Jan, who grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, graduated from Auburn University and after a short two year stint in Atlanta, returned to her roots in Birmingham where she now resides with her husband and four children. As a wife and a mother, Jan understands the value of a functional home.

The expression of Jan’s inspiration is a balance of traditional design with a pop of modern. “I buy pieces I really like, I don’t buy space fillers. As I have found things along the way, I find places for them. I definitely have a love for antiques, but I have new appreciation for fun, funky pieces. There’s a place for pieces you are really inspired by, whether it’s a trend or not.” Jan particularly enjoys working around sentimental pieces in her clients’ homes, and she wants each project to be individual to the owner. “I want it to suit their personality. It’s important to take an individual approach.”